What if you could get each day all the information you really need ?

For the past few years, I’ve been mesmerized by the power of Twitter and the huge amount of data flowing through it; I’ve always thought that this particular aspect of the platform was both its greater strength and weakness : everything is known on twitter but it’s particularly hard to filter information.

This is particulary true for Twitter power users making use of mass-follow techniques, losing at the same time the benefit of following relevant account

I’m building Dailynx to fix Twitter

Dailynx is a fully automated service providing you with the most important news of the days with all the main media articles related to it. Instead of scrolling forever on your feed, you can catch in a glance the main pieces of news and read about it on your favorite media.

This service is under development and I have been developing and designing the vast majority of it. If you’re interested in the project and you want to bring your talents to it (design, graphism, deep learning, machine learning or whatever fancy word for algorithms, Community management, …), feel free to get in touch to talk about it !